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    New: R&D engineer in vacancy
    New: R&D assistant in vacancy
    New: Machine operator in Vacancy
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    Job search

    1\ R&D engineer 1 person

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the analysis, evaluation and testing of adhesive materials

    2. Participate in the development of adhesive new products, research and development, mass production to the full process of technical services

    3. According to the sales staff needs feedback, carry out relevant technical analysis, develop and implement new product development plan

    4. Cooperate with sales staff for marketing, customer training and related pre-sales work

    5. Provide technical services to solve customer problems and necessary on-site support

    6. Responsible for the preparation of technical documents and reports, etc.

    Requirements for employment:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, material or related;

    2.1-3 years of adhesive product development experience and foundation is preferred



    2\ R&D assistant 1 person


    1. Fresh graduates are preferred, experience is preferred

    2. Bachelor degree or above, major in polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, material or related;

    3. Good people can relax; skilled use of Office software


    1. Five Insurance one fund (housing fund and endowment\,medical\unemployment\employment injury\maternity insurance.), paid leave, year-end award, birthday coupon, holiday welfare, physical examination, tourism, etc.

    2. Holiday breaks;

    3. Provide personal skills-related training courses to enable employees to grow quickly.

    Working hours: 8 hours work, double break, overtime payment

    Work location: 

    6F, Building6, Jin'gang Science & Technology Venture Center,No.1 Ke Chuang Road 

    Qixia District,Nanjing City,Jiangsu Province,China. (210046)

    Tel: Ms. Xu 13951763494



    3\ Machine operator 2 Persons


    1, 28-45 years old or so, married, both spouses can. 

    2, technical school or above, major in mechanical and chemical engineering is preferred. 

    3 can be hard-working, with a strong sense of responsibility and adaptability.

    Green pollution-free environment, humanized Daily management, four seasons of the Office of constant temperature.

    2. Enter the month to pay five insurance one gold, statutory paid leave, high temperature fees, annual medical examinations, annual travel, birthday vouchers, holiday benefits and so on.

    3. Provide training courses related to personal skills.

    Working hours: 12-hour two-shift system (4 hours per day for overtime) pay extra for overtime

    Work Location: Lishui Development Zone, No. 9-1, Sheng Xiu Road

    Tel: Mr. Tang, 13951844434 Ms. Xu 13951763494




    The company has self-built plant 15,000 square meters, clean workshop 1500 square meters, 4automated coating production lines (later expanded to 12 lines) ,equipped with automatic coating lines, winder, cutting machine, precision slitting machine...

    Nanjing Zhanyi Technology co.ltd.   蘇ICP備11039402號-1   Powered by 300.cn



    CELL:+86 15312002026

    TEL: +86 25-85314566

    ADD:6/F, Building 06, Jin'gang Science & Technology Venture Center, No.108, East of Ganjiabian, Qixia District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China







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