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    2018 New Energy and photoelectric composites technical Exchange was held successfully August 29, 2018, held at Nanjing Universit

    The purpose of this Conference is to provide the advanced technology Exchange Platform for University enterprises, to explore the future development trend of the industry, including lithium ion diaphragm, aluminum film, photoelectric composites, high temperature series of special polymers and other fields. The seminar was co-hosted by Hiroichi (Nanjing) new Material Co., Ltd., Nanjing University Nantong Institute of Materials Engineering and technology, and invited the Chairman of China Strait elite high-tech Industrial Development Association, former Yilan mayor Wu Yonglong, Taiwan coating and pressure sensitive adhesive senior Technical experts Mr. Wu Bochong.Mr. Zheng Jinchi, general manager of ZEEMAN group, was invited to attend the technical meeting with more than 70 business leaders and representatives from both sides. The meeting was chaired by Mr.Zhan, general Manager of Nanjing JANTAPE Technology Co., Ltd., the dean of Materials Engineering Institution ,Nanjing University, Professor Meng Xiangkang to give the opening speech, the deputy Dean of our institution, Dr. Renhua made a technical lecture on UV and electron beam-induced polymer cross linking, and organization department "Thousand People Program" expert Zhang Huagang, introduced the next generation of high-performance lithium battery development direction.


    Dean of Materials Engineering Institution ,Nanjing University, Professor Meng Xiangkang


    In the exchange,technical experts and business representatives on lithium-ion battery separators, hydrophobic oil-repellent materials, special pressure-sensitive adhesive, tape products and other discussions, detailed analysis of the industry's existing technical issues, the participants have expressed great benefits, many enterprises also expressed the future and Nanjing University to carry out the desire to develop cooperation, The meeting brought the participants to a better understanding of the field of new energy and materials, and made a bridge for the cooperation between enterprises and universities, and the future is expected to hatch a greater technological achievement.


    Taiwan senior Technical Expert Mr. Wu Bochong


    Technical Lecture Professor Zhang Huagang


    Part of the representative group photo



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