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    Products & Services

    Lens casting tape


    Resin lens casting tape used by the pressure-sensitive adhesive glue, strong sticky, good temperature resistance. Encapsulation process is not easy to produce fog, residual glue, from the mold, etc., professional for resin lens casting protection.

    Our company is one of the earliest research lens casting tape manufacturers, developed five series of more than 10 varieties of products. JT819 series is mainly applied to the resin lens with refractive index of 1.49; JT810 series is mainly applied to the refractive index of 1.56 resin lens; JT8860 and 8865 series is mainly applied to the refractive index of 1.60 and color resin lenses; JT8868 series is mainly applied to the refractive index 1.67 high folding resin lenses. As the resin lens workmanship are different, any questions, welcome to put forward valuable advice, we will be quick response to develop suitable for your lens.

    Lithium battery tape


    Lithium battery tape is made of insulating material (PP, PET, PI film) as the substrate, on this basis, coated with lithium battery electrolyte for acrylic glue and has the thickness serious from 0.016mm, 0.020mm, 0.03mm, 0.035mm, 0.04mm to 0.05mmfor lithium-ion batteries and other parts of the insulation fixed protection, with strong resistance to electrolyte, high adhesion, good clothes, environmental protection and other characteristics of halogen-free.

    Features: high temperature resistance, good voltage withstanding, no deformation and warping.

    Usages:   battery outside packaging (aluminum battery shell)

    LED digitron tape


    Features: Use pressure-sensitive adhesive, moderate stickiness, good temperature resistance. Even thicker adhesive coating will not have permeation and residue in encapsulation.

    Usages: LED digitron tape, flat tube, and matrix module package protection.

    Joint tape


    High temperature connecting tape is widely used in paper, plastic film, metal foil and other splicing and lap joint in roll material , and developed single, double and no substrate double-sided tape, and has the characteristics of strong viscosity, good tensile strength, high temperature resistance.

    Masking tape


    Masking tape is mainly used in the electronics industry, temperature performance is usually between 120 ℃ to 260 ℃, commonly used in electroplating, dusting, paint shielding and electronic parts in the process of fixed, printed circuit board and high temperature treatment. The high temperature tape includes polyimide, profile paper,  polyester etc.

    Insulated fixing tape


    Insulated fixing tape refers specifically to tapes for insulation or fixing purposes. The substrate is generally made of insulating film, synthetic fiber or composite material. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is generally made of silicone or acrylic, with a strong sticky, good insulation, flame and weather retardant etc., wildly used for wire bandage, electrical insulation, thermal protection and other fields.

    Double sided tape


    High-temperature double-sided tape generally used cotton paper, foam, PET as the substrate, coated with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Plastic (PP, PE, ABS) foam and have a good bonding performance on the metal and with excellent temperature, weather and curved resistance surface. You can easily complete the bonding, fixed, sealed, fill the gap, shock absorption, sound absorption, conduction, thermal conductivity and other purposes on different options.

    Barrier tape


    PVC film coated with rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive glue, anti-static warning tape surface resistance 107-109 ohms is wildly used in warning tape and packing tape. Warning tape used to identify the warning area, the division of dangerous warning. It has the good performance of waterproof, moisture, weather, corrosion, anti-static resistance, etc. for duct, water pipes, pipelines and other underground pipe corrosion protection. Twill printing tape can be used for ground, column, construction, traffic and other areas of the warning signs. Anti-static warning tape can be used for the floor area warning, packing box warning, product packaging warning, etc., and has yellow and black color; Chinese and English text opinions can be made.




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